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Epykomène is a bureau of thinking & strategic creations dedicated to Luxury & premium Brands.
.Core of expertise.

Epykomene embodies the edginess of Luxury marketing expertise and more particularly Brands’ emotional strategy. We accompany Brands to focus on cultivating happiness, balance & authenticity within their marketing department & at the core of their identity: self-quest, respect & humanity.

Eypkomene savoir-faire consists in :

• the spiritual, philosophical & psychological approach of Luxury marketing
• a booster of inspirations for luxury & premium brands
• The creation &  pursuit of a consistent, powerful & emotional strategy

Who are we?
.Our offers.

In-house trainings, conferences & recommendations are the 3 type of services we are pleased to deliver to address your Brands opportunities.

Epykomène est a certified training organism in France acting worldwide.

Since December 2010, Audrey Kabla, Founder of Epykomene, enjoys sharing her knowledge & passion for the field of Luxury within prestigious Luxury houses, established Brands & young promising concepts. She lectures as well in Luxury & fashion masters & MBA degrees in France, the United States and other high Luxury consomption regions. 

More than 3000 persons were trained by Audrey Kabla on Luxury topics such as

  • Brands’ emotional strategy,
  • The Art of communication in the field of Luxury,
  • Humanity at the core of your Brand strategy,
  • Authenticity in Brand image
  • “slow digital” & e-reputation,
  • Marketing trends in the watchmaking / hospitality / aeronautic / boating sectors,
  • The new perceptions of Luxury.

The majority of our work training are custom-built for our clients. We can work by the hour, by the day or on a package. 

I want to know more about Epykomene
.Our expertise.
  • Recommendation & strategic planning
  • La Brand Bible® & emotional strategy
  • In-house trainings & the YUXA® (Yoga+Luxe)

Epykomene is a transversal & legitimate source of knowledge on the notions of Luxury, Luxury as a business field, Luxury Brands & French know-how.   
We mix Luxury codes with marketing strategy protocoles. We pay attention to philosophical, psychological, sociological, artistic & spiritual major trends & influences to provide the best & most accurate pieces of work to our clients.

What we love doing for you: (re)positioning & Brand territory, upgrading or rejuvenating strategy, Brand image & communication plan, worldwide Brand consistency & implementation etc.

The passion for Luxury guides us constantly.

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Watchmaking & jewellery
  • Hospitality & services,
  • Art of living
  • boating & aeronautics,
  • couture, leather goods, accessories etc.

We work with both B2C & B2B brands. We are in love with atypical concepts, new technologies, e-brands, startups, digital queens & eco-friendly concepts.

Our clients pay attention to their clients but also their collaborators and together we enjoy embracing Luxury must have such as the “made in”, “slow made” & hand-made. 

  • getting inspired & open up to the world with new eyes,
  • optimizing your Brand management taking care of it & letting her be effortlessly beautiful & authentic 
  • sustaining your activity with consistency & innovation, 
  • Renew your marketing strategy following the Luxury trends 


Luxe + Yoga

Merci to our Yoga guru teacher Géraldine Profit.

Yuxa®, the “Namasté of Luxury Brands”

Similar as Yoga,
Luxury inspires & fulfils us…

It brings joy, cultivates and transmits the authenticity, respect and creativity that remains essential to the celebration of life. The emotional connexion between a client and his/her favorite brand is timeless if there is a spiritual link.

Audrey Kabla unveils the secrets of a new marketing practice with the Yuxa® for the contentement of both your collaborators and clients.

The Yuxa® program includes: conferences, trainings & strategic implementation
with the 7 shades du Luxe® (the Brand chakras opening)

I want to use the Yuxa® right now!

The Yuxa® is coming up in English very soon. In the meantime here are for you, two short extracts of the book in French.

A couple extracts of the French book

Il ne considère pas une Marque de Luxe comme il regarde un film. Il y pense et la savoure comme un pouvoir ou un mentor, puisque c’est lui qui est le personnage principal de sa fiction-réalité.

Ce qui compte à présent c’est ce qui se déclenche en nous à chaque contact ou pensée : « Cette Marque me fait-elle rêver?», «À son contact, comment la Marque me fait-elle me sentir?», «Puis-je puiser de l’énergie dans cette expérience pour voir plus loin et aller plus haut dans mon contentement ? ».

Our references

More than 50 Luxury and premium Brands worldwide trusted Audrey Kabla & Epykomène since 2003. Among them:


“There, all is harmony and beauty, luxury, calm and delight”
Charles Baudelaire

The blog of Epykomène

Also known as epYblog


The latest articles & agency news

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    Les actualités de l’agence et du livre !


      “I have the simplest tastes. I only like the best.”
       Oscar Wilde



      Epykomene is born in Paris on December 2010.

      “Marketeuses” & strategists, we are proud of being called artists. We are passionate of Luxury and human excellence.

      avant-gardist & « nomadic » Artists
      .Our uniqueness.
      .Get a little closer to us…
      Our precious trends?

      Self quest, sensorial transcendance, Art & Luxe, collaborative economy, intelligent (sustainable) Luxury, “slow digital” etc.

      Why do we do our job?

      To promote that where there is life, there is the Luxury of beauty, excellence, freedom, pleasure & celebration.

      Our promise

      Take pleasure in achieving our goals. This is our receipe for success.

      Who is Audrey Kabla?
      How do we perceive Luxury?

      Luxury is the pleasure of being, a tribute to life, the love of nature & the celebration of the present moment for oneself & to share with others.

      Where does our knowledge come from?

      From our research, visits & interviews for clients’ projets clients, for the book “Marque & Luxe”, for  The blog of Epykomène or Audrey Kabla’s talks & lectures.

      What is your vision of Luxury? Share it with us!

      “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
      Luxury is perpetual movement! Write to us now.


      Bonjour à vous !

      For Brands & Maisons (Luxury Houses):

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      presse & influencer
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      “Epykomène” effect is similar to the somptueux butterflies we catch flying in our belly… during a stolen French kiss, while laughing with some “chers amis”, reading a delicious novel by the Mediterranean Sea, on a  “yoga retreat” in the French Alpes or by the refreshing relief of a  “detox juice” in a naked spa.